PITCH BLACK MILE, released 2005. This exceptionally engaging debut CD offers a combination of jazzy vocal stylings and really strong songwriting. "Awake" is as good a song as I've ever heard, from its opening words, "Could be the worst thing to do is get used to it... If I keep my eyes closed, I might as well be gone," to its recognition of what a privilege is, "Privilege to be wide awake in this strange dream." Most of the ten songs, all written by Kupferman, are about relationships, and they walk through sad, dark territory with resolute faith: "I cannot see what's pushing through / but there is something green and new" ("Bloom"). The music is impeccable, produced by Evan Brubaker, featuring Paul Gabrielson's bass, Paul Elliott's violin, Joel Litwin's percussion, Chris Welch's keyboards, and, most effective to my ear, Eyvind Kang's viola. But as "Bloom" shows, the songs would be powerful with just Kupferman's voice and guitar. "If I Cry" is catchy enough to be a pop hit, with a hook that just won't unhook and lines like "if I hold my head up to your eyes / like a prism to the sky." Play "Bigger Than Me" when you're seriously in need of uplift and encouragement: it recognizes the enormity of everything that makes us afraid, but still courageously (and tenderly!) faces into it. Since I found these songs I haven't been able to make myself listen to anything else.” - L. A. Heberlein

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